2017 New York City NSDA Congress
Dates: 4/8/2017
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Dear NFL colleague,

In this letter, I would like to give you the details for our Tournament that will determine our district's qualifiers to the National Student Congress and the Big Questions Debate.  If you have any intention of competing in Congress or Big Questions, please read this letter carefully.

We will have our NFL Student Congress and Big Questions qualifier on Saturday, April 8 at Chaminade.

1. Please take note of the following procedures:

A.SENATE: all schools may send two students in Senate.  As long as 8 schools send a senator, our district can qualify two to Nationals.

B. HOUSE: schools may send a proportional representation to House (check the webpage at www.nflonline.org).  If 30 students participate, we will have two chambers and may qualify two representatives; if we have 61 participants, we will have three chambers and may qualify three representatives; if we have 91 participants, we will have four chambers and may qualify four to Nationals.  Each school will have to spread out its representatives evenly in whatever number of House chambers we qualify for.  It is therefore to every school's advantage to increase its number of degrees on record at the national office on March 20 and to send your full quota of representatives.

C. JUDGES:  As we have done in the past, every one of your students must be in a room with one of your judges once.  That judge’s decision will not count, and the decisions of the remaining judges count.  For that to happen, every participating school must bring an appropriate number of judges, depending on the number of House chambers we eventually have.  For instance, if we have one House chamber, a school would need one judge; if we have two or three House chambers, a school would need two judges; if we have four House chambers, a school would need three judges' the judge would also have to judge in the Senate in every instance.  We usually have 4 house chambers, so if you want your students in all 4 houses, plan on bringing 3 judges.

2.  We need a “GREEN SHEET” again.  Please be sure that your have registered each of your students on the NFL website.

3. So that we can prepare for the Congress, I ask that you send me your legislation no later than March 16.  Go to www.lifa.org.  You may submit one or two pieces of legislation only.  If the need arises, a third piece, marked "alternate," may be used as a final bill in House (a regular bill in Senate).  Please note the distinction between Resolutions (containing "whereas" clauses and of philosophical intent) and Bills (no "whereas" clauses and of specific legislative intent).  If the legislation does not meet NFL specifications, it will not be accepted.  You may access all legislation at www.lifa.org on March 19.


4. FEES: As you know, in the past, we never charged for Congress, because judges have purchased lunch at nearby fast food places.  Because of newer requirements, we will have to hire neutral judges to serve as parliamentarians, and we will be providing lunch for judges. To offset these costs, we will have a $10 school fee and a fee of $12 per contestant.

5. BIG QUESTIONS DEBATE:   Although local tournament allow debaters to debate as singles or as pairs, the National Qualifier requires debaters to debate singly.  Please bring 1 judge for every 4 Big Questions Debaters. We will start with 3 double flighted rounds and will break to an appropriate number of elimination rounds based on the number of entries.  The top debater will attend nationals.  

6. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: Registration: 8:00 - 8:45 a.m.
Session I: 9:00 a.m. (House and Senate schedules differ)

Round 1 of Debate:  Starts at 9 am

Awards: 6:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 516-742-5555 or call me at 516-480-4720.

Sincerely yours,

Bro. John G. McGrory, S.M.


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