2018 Northern South Dakota NSDA Tournament
Dates: 2/23/2018 - 2/24/2018

Dear Coaches,

The 2018 National Qualifying tournament is being held at Brookings High School with rounds starting at 111:00. If you are not able to judge policy then you do not need to show up until your enter events start. If you are able to judge policy debate, or your assistant is, we requrie having you available to judge.

Schedule- Honestly I have no idea. I want to start at 10:45. I won't know until Harrisburg because it depends on entries and number of judges. 

Homerooms for all teams will be available at 4:30. A list will be provided to each head coach.

All codes will be provided to the head coach at the beginning of the tournament. 

Extemp Questions will come to the NSDA. I will send out the odd # questions as soon as I get them. Rationale: We used to be able to write 30 so each school sort of knew what the questions were. I would rather have a better speech than not. 


1. There will be no extemp tub checks- take/bring your tub/computers to the extemp prep room. If paper files are being added during the tournament they will need to be checked by the extemp room coordinators.

2. Oratories only need to be brought with. They do not need to be submitted to me.  Please ensure they have the authenticity statement and a MLA works cited page.

3. A list of everyone’s codes will be provided to the head coaches. Postings will still be anonymous with just codes listed. 

4. You only need have all your interp stuff with. I do not need a copy of it. I mean all the required paperwork for a protest.

5. Checks payable to Kerry Konda- Northern NSDA District 


All of these are found online by signing into your dashboard. (Your NSDA account)



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