2018 Northern South Dakota NSDA District Congress Tournament
Dates: 4/3/2018

State Student Congress National Qualifier

Pierre- State Capitol

Tuesday, April 3


Dear Coaches,

State Student Congress will be held in Pierre on April 3, 2018 at the Capitol building. We are looking forward to a day filled with excellent debate and excitement.  Below is the pertinent information that you need to know so the tournament can run smoothly. Please note that this is a one day tournament this year to help cut costs and get the largest number of competitors present.

1.       You will need to register your entry on Joy of Tournaments. You will also need to print of the entry form. Without the form you can not compete.

2.       Registration needs to be in on Tuesday, March 27 at 5 pm.


3.       Judges- Please bring a judge for every 8 entries or a fraction of them. We will be judging for the Southern District . If we have plenty of judges, then you will only have to judge 1 session compared to the 2. Enter your judges on JOT.


4.       Senior Awards- Takes place over the noon hour. Please see schedule. This worked super well! 


5.       There is no need to bring bills with you! A new folder has been added to the Drop Box to place school's bills and resolutions. I need your bills BEFORE Congress ends. We are moving to an intergrated Congress season so not having bills just does not work.  


6.       There is an entry fee for food and soda! 


7.        Reminder, we need EVERYONE to bring the full amount or we drop to a 1 person qualifying district in all events. We also need everyone to have 3 Houses. We also need 8 schools in the Senate, but if you are low on entries you can move one of your Senators to the House if you choose.  







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