2018 Northern Lights NSDA Speech Tournament
Dates: 3/16/2018 - 3/17/2018
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Northern Lights NSDA
Individual Events Registration
Forestview Middle School - Baxter
March 16-17, 2018

Dear Northern Lights Colleagues,

     It is my pleasure to invite you the Northern Lights NSDA Individual Events Speech Competition to be held at Forestview Middle School on March 16-17, 2018

 Registration on Joy of Tournaments will open soon  and will close on 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 10.  

Your  registration on JOT will create a registration form which we have called the "green sheet"; you do not need to send that to me.  The original "green sheet" with signatures  is due upon registration on March 16. As you register your speakers, please remember to include titles so that same titles are not scheduled together.   DEBATE SCHOOLS - Make sure debate teams are ALSO listed on the "green" sheet.  For those students who are alternates or have qualified, single enter letter of intent is also due at registration. There is a new letter of intent which includes World Debate. I will email that to you.  Those students who are double entered at this tournament will also need a single enter letter of intent.

If you have trouble registering a student, it may be because they have not gone on the website, and created an account.  You will know that your student has created the account, when a star appears behind his or her name.  If you need help getting them to that point, let me know. 

This year we are allowing double entering in all events. This year Inform and POI are considered regular events.  The schedule is built on number of students in an event, the number of rounds they are due, and judge availability.  This is a flighted tournament, and speakers may need to speak in each event on a single flight.  JOT will schedule so that they will have time to be in both events.   I will let you know more about the schedule once I have closed registration and developed the schedule.

Registration for Individual Events will begin at 8:00 AM. on March 16.   A 8:45a.m. meeting will be held for contestants and coaches/judges.

Submit all orations at registration.  Have original scripts available if a challenge arises.


Individual Events - $8.00/speaker and $25/school site fee

Northern Lights Dues:

1-30 member strength of team $55
31-60 member strength of team $65
61-90 member strength of team $75
91+ member strength of team $85

Submit your speaker fees and Northern Lights dues at registration.  If your national fees are not up to date,  you will be asked to submit what is due the national office before your students may compete. 

JUDGES:  You are required to bring 1 judge per 5 entries.  Please list the names of judges so that we may schedule accordingly. 

We award the District Student of the Year and that nomination form must be filled out online by 4:00 PM Saturday, March 10.  Please print a copy and bring it to the tournament.  We will also award the following: District Alumni Achievement, District Communicator of the Year, District Principal of the Year, and  District Volunteer of the Year. Please bring letters of recommendations and submit them at registration for these awards. This year we are allowed two World Debate Teams; if you have debaters interested in this activity, please submit letters of application at registration as well. 


Dave Pritschet
Northern Lights Chair


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