2017 NE Indiana NSDA Debate
Dates: 1/20/2017 - 1/21/2017

Here’s what you need to know for District Debate:

  1. You are allowed up to four entries in each event. Your district quota can be found when you click on the “Entry” tab to register. Your quota should be listed above your list of entries.  This number includes how many entries your team may enter in both debate and speech (but not Congress-that’s a separate number which will be next to your speech quota).
  2. PLEASE NOTE--A student MUST be an NFL member (at least 25 NFL points) AND be registered on the NSDA website.  They also do not count toward your team strength until they are registered, so it is in your best interest to make sure your students register with the NSDA.
  3. Also, remember:   If you enter two entries in each event (debate and speech), you then qualify for two extra entries in any event (but no more than four in any).  If that’s confusing, make sure you refer to the NSDA manual for clairification.Students may double enter in the district tournament but may not double enter in two TEAM events.  (Exception:  Students may double in Duo and one of the team debate events AS LONG AS they compete together in both, but they are NOT allowed to enter both Public Forum and Policy.)  So, a student can enter a team debate event and LD (but would not be allowed to compete in a speech event).
  • NOTE--Any student planning to double in an event MUST complete the Single Entry Letter of Intent and submit it to me BEFORE he/she is able to compete.  So, any debate student who also competed in the District Congress tournament the week before will need to submit a Single Letter of Intent form when you register on Friday afternoon.
  1. In order to compete at the district tournament, a student MUST be an official NFL member at least one week prior to the start of the tournament (January 14, 2017) and ALL NFL dues/fees must be current.  It would be better if you take care of your NSDA fees BEFORE you arrive at Plymouth; otherwise, you will need to give me two different checks--one to cover entry fees and one to cover NSDA fees.
  1. Once you have registered your team on Joy of Tournaments, you will need to download the Registration Sheet, complete it, sign it, and HAVE YOUR PRINCIPAL sign it.  You can find the link to this form directly above your entries on the Entry tab.  It will say Download NFL District Tournament Registration Form (Green Sheet).  Once you have completed this form, bring this with you along with your entry fees to the tournament on January 20th.  

FAILURE TO properly submit this form will result in your team being UNABLE TO COMPETE! PLEASE PLEASE do NOT forget to properly fill the form out and bring it with you.

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