2017 North Texas Longhorn NSDA Congress
Dates: 4/4/2017



We cordially invite you as members of the North Texas Longhorn District to participate in the NSDA district tournament series. This page and subsequent pages will contain information about the tournament. Please read the information carefully to make sure you can successfully enter the tournament.



We have decided to combine the debate & speech events on one weekend this year. Please note that change. The schedule page will indicate that change as well.

Debate (CX/Policy, LD, PF) &  Individual Events (OO, USX, FX, HI, DI, Duo Interp)                                                 

Thursday, Friday & Saturday, February 23, 24, & 25  Tournament location: Jasper HS, Plano (information on Individual Events & Debate Events pages)


Student Congress                                                                       


 Tuesday, April 4 Carrollton Farmers Branch Technology Center (information is included under the appropriate heading on this website)




You will need to take the following steps to guarantee your entry in the district tournament. 

1. You must have paid your national dues. You may check with the national NFL office to make sure you have done so.

2. You must have paid your local district dues as well. Glenda Ferguson, Coppell HS, will be able to tell you whether or not you have paid. The amount is $60. You should have received an invoice earlier this year. If you no longer know where that invoice is, you may download and print one from this link.Open this link to get the local dues invoice. You must pay these local dues by January 31 to be eligible to participate in the tournament.

3. The students you enter must be NSDA members. When you log-in to the website, you will need to use your NSDA login to get to the entry screen. Once there, you should see those students eligible to participate in the tournament. If the student you wish to enter is not listed, the student is not eligible to attend and compete in the tournament.

4. You must complete your entry seven days prior to any of the tournament dates. For example, your Student Congress entries must be entered on this website no later than Tuesday, March 28.

5. You must also complete two forms for entry  The website, when you enter, allows you to print your official entry form. It's in a PDF format. Please look for that option when you enter.  In addition, we have voted as a district to allow double entries at this year's tournament You must complete the single entry intent form (again, follow the link to that document) for students to declare in what event they would participate if they double qualify for the national tournament. As with the school entry form, this is a "fill in the blank" PDF that you can complete and print for each student. IT MAY BE A DIFFERENT FORM FROM THE ONE THAT WE HAVE USED IN THE PAST.   The link to the single entry form can be found here.



Your tournament entries are determined by the number of members and degrees that you have in your chapter. For Student Congress, the level will be set seven days prior to that tournament. You may increase your number of entries for the subsequent portions of the tournament by adding degrees from the date of the individual events tournament to the date of the debate and Congress portions of the tournament.  

To determine how many entries you are allowed, please go to the Membership Reports portion of the NFL website. Find the listing for the North Texas Longhorns district. When you open that, you will see all of the schools listed for the district. You will also find columns which detail the number of entries you may have for Student Congress and debate/IE's at the tournament. 

Remember also that policy and Public Forum debate teams and Duo Interp entries all count as one entry against your total number of entries.



We will use the following fee schedule for the tournaments. We will again use the modified California  plan in individual events which accounts for the cost of those entries.

Here is the fee schedule we will use for this tournament:

Individual Events (DIHI, Duo Interp, FX, USX, OO)         $30 per entry

Policy Debate                                                                     $50 per team

Public Forum                                                                     $40 per team

Lincoln  Douglas Debate                                                    $30 per entry

Student Congress                                                                $20 per entry 


Please examine the other pages as they become available for information about the various parts of the tournament.

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