2017 Lone Star NSDA
Dates: 4/20/2017 - 4/22/2017

Dear Lone Star NSDA District Coach,  


This year's District Tournaments are being held over three consecutive days in April.

The District Congress tournament will be held Thursday, April 20 at Prestonwood Christian Academy (part of Prestonwood Baptist Church), 6801 W. Park Blvd., Plano TX 75093.

The IEs/Debate tournament will be held Friday and Saturday, April 21-22, at Cross Timbers Middle School, 2301 Pool Road, Grapevine, TX 76051. 

Novice Congress will be held on April 20 with the first five entries from each school having priority. Informative Speaking and Program of Oral Interpretation will be held on April 22 as part of the IE/Debate tournament. 

***The Lone Star District CongressTournament will be using the direct questioning method of cross examination - Manual page 33 #11. 

Please consider bringing as many students as your school is allotted. The District Tournament is a wonderful experience and our District offers some of the best talent in the entire country. Even your younger, less-experienced students will benefit from observing outstanding competitors from across the metroplex. Students must be members of the NSDA and have signed the honor pledge - a gold star on your membership report will indicate that they are eligible; the total number of members and degrees on file 7 days before the tournament determine a school's allotment of entries. It is important that your student's points be entered in a timely manner to ensure maximum participation in the District Tournament and at NSDA Nationals.

Four entries (maximum) per event per school are allowed in IE’s and debate. The formula for allotting entries to each school is indicated in the NSDA District Tournament Manual, which can be found at  www. speechanddebate.org

We will be using the California plan of advancing through the IE tournament. Double entries will be allowed for Debate/IEs, but coaches will be required to submit single letters of intent at registration. Events with 14 entries or less will have two preliminary rounds and advance directly to finals. 

Entry fees are $25 for Congress entries, $35 for each IE event and $70 for each debate event. There is also a  $75.00 Hospitality fee. The District Dues fee of $85 has been added to the invoice to avoid separate billings; the fees remain unchanged. The deadline for entry is 4:00pm on April 13, 2017.  Drops after 4:00 pm, Monday April 17, 2017 will forfeit the entry fee. 

NOTE: Schools with credits remaining from last year will have those reflected on the invoice.

The judge recruitment form will be emailed to numerous judges that have judged for Lone Star in the past. Please email the form to any highly qualified judges that won’t be coded against 2-3 schools in our district. Such coding will preclude their use during the tournament so we won’t be able to hire them. We need help from all Lone Star coaches in our search for judges.

Judge payment schedule:


Single IE/Debate rounds - $20, Standby - $10

HI/DI/OO/DUO/POI/IS judge available all rounds - $125 flat fee

Debate judge available all rounds on Friday only - $75 flat fee

Debate judge available all rounds on Saturday only - $75 minimum

Debate judge available all rounds Friday and Saturday - $150 minimum

IS/Extemp/Debate judge available all rounds Friday and Saturday - $200 flat fee

Congress judge - $100 flat fee - must be available all day  


 **** Please note that decision on full availability is decided by committee, not by person submitting form. Judges will be paid at the tournament/s. Schools bringing large entry numbers SHOULD NOT encourage their own alum (if they competed with current team members) to apply as it will be difficult to use those judges. Lone Star coaches WILL NOT be utilized in the judge pool except as a last resort, but coaches from other districts may be recruited.

Judge recruitment forms, when completed by the applicant, should be emailed to Cindi Timmons, Lone Star District Chair, at  ckdtimmons@gmail.com, for review. If we use a Google Doc form those should be submitted as directed. The Lone Star District Committee will notify those judges that will be hired. The deadline for judge applications to be submitted is March 15.


Fees you will need to send BEFORE registration at the tournament (note - you are encouraged to submit one check for all events - checks must be mailed by April 13th in order to guarantee receipt and deposit before tournament): 

1) Any fees owed to the NFL national office - check your school membership report for status.

2Entry fee check made payable to Lone Star NFL, mailed to our District Chair:

Cindi Timmons, 1842 Pecan Grove, Carrollton TX 75007.




Materials you will need to have at registration:

1) Tournament registration forms (for Congress and IE/Debate tournaments) - download available after entry.

2) Single entry letters of intent and auto-qualifier form if applicable.

3) Interp materials (review requirements in the District Tournament Manual) 

4) Oratory and Informative speech copies (review requirements in the District Tournament Manual)  


NOTE:  You may download a pre-printed registration form for your squad from the 
[Entries] tab of this website after you've registered your team. 

Click here if you need a copy of the Single entry form.


If you have any questions please contact Cindi Timmons at ckdtimmons@gmail.com or 214-683-3356.  


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