2017 Gulf Coast NSDA Congress
Dates: 2/18/2017

Hello NSDA Gulf Coast!

This year, we are trying something new!  NSDA Gulf Congress will be held as a separate contest at Corpus Christi Ray High School on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017.  We invite all our members of the Gulf Coast NSDA to participate in this contest!   

Please remember to submit legislation for your school.  All legilsation must follow NSDA guidelines.  All legilsltation must be recieved by Feb. 1.  All entries are due by noon on Feb. 8. After Feb 8, we may take substitutions and drops, but we will not be  able to take adds.

Legilsation will be posted on this web site in the order recieved and approved.  You may submit legilsation by emailing it in Word (please, no pdfs) to kskinner@ecisd.org.  Remember, not only should legilsation meet the format requirements for NSDA, but it should also meet the ethical requirments, including originality and content.  Legilsation recognizable as unoriginal or that contains questionable content, willo be rejected.

Hope to see you all in Corpus!

Katrese Skinner

Gulf Coast NSDA 



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