2017 Kansas Flint Hills NSDA
Dates: 4/22/2017

 Flint Hills NFL District

LD/PFD/IE Tournament General Information

District Committee

Dustin Rimmey, Topeka High (ch.)                                  Scott Bonnet, Emporia
Tim Ellis, Washburn Rural                                                Cathy Rankin, Junction City
Michelle Taylor, Silver Lake

April 5, 2017                                                                


Policy Debate and Congressional Debate are behind us and now it is on to the remaining spring events:  LD Debate, PF Debate, and Individual Events.


National Dues and Flint Hills NFL District Dues--If NOT Paid, PLEASE pay ASAP

I have put in the chart listing active chapters who have paid their national dues.  As noted, ALL schools have paid their national dues assessments.  

District Dues, in the amount of $75.00, are due and payable no later that the start of the IE Tournament on April 22nd at Topeka High School. 

Additionally, each school will owe $5.00 per person/event entered (teams equal 2 entries).  I will be sending a separate invoice to you to fill out.  This participation assessment will also be due at the start of the IE Tournament on April 22nd.

Checks for any/all district fees need to be made out to Flint Hills NSDA c/o Dustin Rimmey, to be deposited in our new district account housed at the Educational Credit Union.  

FINALLY, and very, very importantly:  In order to participate in the District Tournaments, all NSDA National Dues and Membership assessments must be paid before the school may participate in the IE Tournament on April 22nd.  This includes ANY student that has been signed into the NSDA Points Record sheet and has been indicated as a "Member.  You should already be aware of this owed fee.

(1) We will receive a list of all schools that owe NSDA money.  (2) You must present proof of payment, or present a check in the amount owed at Registration on April 16th at Topeka High School.  (3) Failure to pay fees owed, or providing proof that fees have been sent to the National Office, will result in NO member of the school being allowed to participate in the IE tournament.  Should any member of your squad have qualified in an event completed before April 22nd, these contestants will be denied the opportunity to participate in Nationals this June if all of the school’s NSDA assessments have not been paid.





For the third year, we will be using the California Plan.  As agreed upon at the fall meeting, we will use 2 judges in each preliminary round. This guaranteed that all events, which have 24 or fewer entries, will have 3 preliminary rounds, semis, and finals.

Round 1 in all events will be pre-set by the computer.  Subsequent rounds will be "powered" via the computer, which uses the method found on P. 21 of the DTOM.

Twelve entries will be placed in semifinals, where there will be 3 judges.

The top 6 remaining entries will be placed in finals, where they will have 5 judges.  In our discussion, we could not remember if there were opportunities to strike or not, and further discussion regarding this will be had on Tuesday, April 14th, at the LD/PFD qualifier.  

Remember, any discussion/decision regarding strikes is contingent on the availability of judges in the pool.

National qualifiers will be determined in the following fashion (as outlined on P. 22 of the DTOM):

1. Cumulate overall score (prelims, semis, finals).  If ties exist, then the following tiebreakers will be used.

2. Cumulative final round score.

3. Judges preference in the final round.

4. Greatest number of ones, twos, threes, etc., in finals.

5. see above, but include semifinals.


  • At NFL tournaments Extempers are not allowed to use notes during speeches.
  • Interp selections must be published meet the NSDA publication guidelines.  You must also have the new publication form completed for each of your entries (it will be on a tab).You do not need to present your originals, but you should have them if a protest arises.
  • No student may repeat a selection from a previous year. This also includes oration.
  • Orations must be the original work of the student. Cover pages will be emailed out. Each student should complete the cover page with bibliography and sign it, along with the coach.  Highlight quoted words in one color of highlighter (be sure to put quotation marks around the quoted words); highlight paraphrasing in another color.  The orations will not be reviewed before the tournament this year, however, you need to have them ready in case of a protest.


  • Each student wishing to enter a NSDA event must be a member of record no fewer than seven days prior to the event.
  • Each student may enter congress and one partner debate event and one other event. Or, a student may compete in Congress and two other individual events.
  • Students may enter only one team debate event.  However, students may compete in Policy/PFD with one partner and Duo with a separate partner.  If a partnership is changes by the IE tournament, they must forfeit their alternate spot from the previous tournament. (Please see the new language, highlighted in gray on P. 8 of the DTOM).
  • Each school may enter up to four in each event, but the total number entered MUST not exceed the number said school is allowed due to chapter/affiliate strength. Look at the chart frequently.
  • It is important to get your members and degrees up prior to any district tournament.  The National Office will determine each school's members/degrees 1 week prior to the district qualifying tournament

Any additional logistical information will be distributed closer to the actual tournament dates.

SHOULD YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS, pease contact me at your earliest convience.

Dustin Rimmey

Flint Hills District Chairperson



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