2017 Golden Desert NSDA Congress Tournament
Dates: 3/23/2017 - 3/25/2017


Golden Desert District

Congressional Debate Tournament

Bishop Gorman High School

March 23-25, 2017


Congressional Debate Tournament Instructions

Entries Due :     MONDAY March 20 at 3:00PM  


Please remember we need you to bring judges. We do not want one judge deciding who will go to nationals in congress. The NSDA has directed us to have only clean judges at this tournament that means, we need judges who are not the parents who normally judge congress. Please help me with this.  Each participating school needs to provide two clean judges for EACH DAY.



Senate: Two entries per school.  Assign these to multiple rooms on registration form if multiple senate rooms exist.


House: Entries based on team strength (members and degrees).  Assign these to multiple rooms on registration form if multiple houses exist.



Remember you will need to register on Joy as well as fill out the forms I will be emailing to you.



The district congress committee will make the decision as to what legislation is selected from the posted NSDA congressional bills & resolutions.  The legislation was posted on the icon before Spring Break. 


There is a separate chart for determining your congress entries. This will be sent out ASAP or you can go to the district tournament booklet and see for yourself. Please use it to determine how many students you can enter. If you are considering making changes in congress, remember the names must be on the back of the form listed as an alternate. 


***We will need to choose one of the pieces of legislation to be used at the national tournament. If you have a piece of legislation you feel would make a nice national entry, please let me know when you send it in.

Remember the district tournament runs a little differently than the other tournaments during the year. There are rules we must follow for everything. Please plan to read the district manual before the tournament. One of our district committee members must check the district manual every SESSION before it happens. This is the way it has to be done according to the NSDA rules. It is not our choice, but we do need to make sure we abide by their guidelines in order to secure our students a place at the national tournament.  All coaches will serve during this tournament. We will need everyone to be there so we can cover the tab room and all the houses with parlimentarians and judges.

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