2017 West Kansas NSDA Speech
Dates: 4/21/2017 - 4/22/2017

West Kansas Coaches,

Finally, it is time to start thinking about the Individual Events qualifying tournament. This letter will provide IE information.



The IE qualifying tournament will be held on April 21-22, 2017 at Great Bend High School in Great Bend, KS.  Barbara Watson from Great Bend High School is host to this event.


Friday, April 21                      Registration – Auditorium                              12:30 pm

                                                Coaches Meeting – Fine Arts Lounge            1:15 pm

                                                General Assembly – Auditorium                    1:30 pm

                                                Round 1                                                          2:00 pm

                                                Round 2                                                          4:00 pm

                                                Round 3                                                          6:00 pm

Saturday, April 22                  Round 4                                                          8:00 am
                                               Semifinals                                                       10:00 am

                                                Finals                                                               12:00 pm

                                                Awards – Auditorium                                     ASAP

                                                Double Qualifier Choices                               ASAP


Reminder:  At our summer meeting, we made the decision that if an event has 18 or fewer entries, will go to 3 rounds and finals.  If above 18, 4 rounds and finals.  A detailed schedule for each event will be released on Monday, April 17th.  Your school’s membership and degree total will determine the number of entries your school is allowed. Remember, all events as of this year count as one entry. If there are questions, please ask.  The schedule for entries is below…

1 - 15 members and degrees 3 entry                            16 - 20 members and degrees 5 entries

21 - 30 members and degrees 8 entries                                    31 - 40 members and degrees 10 entries

41 - 50 members and degrees 12 entries                                  51 - 60 members and degrees 13 entries

61 - 70 members and degrees 15 entries                                  71 - 80 members and degrees 17 entries

81 - 90 members and degrees 19 entries                                  91 - 100 members and degrees 20 entries

101-120 members and degrees 22 entries                    121-140 members and degrees 24 entries

141-160 members and degrees 26 entries                    161-180 members and degrees 27 entries

181-200 members and degrees 28 entries                    201-230 members and degrees 29 entries

231-260 members and degrees 30 entries                    261-300 members and degrees 31 entries

301-350 members and degrees 32 entries                    351-400 members and degrees 33 entries

401-500 members and degrees 34 entries                    501-600 members and degrees 35 entries


A student may enter two IE events at the qualifier if they have not previously competed in a national qualifying tournament this year (exception: a student may participate at Student Congress and still do two events at IE). If a student has competed in a qualifying tournament, they may do one IE event. A student may not compete in two team events (unless it’s the same two students).


Students who participate in two IE events (including Congress) must fill out the National double entry form. On the form you must pick the event the student will take to nationals if the student qualifies in both events. Be sure to get all the signatures. We must have these BEFORE the tournament starts. Available at http://www.speechanddebate.org/aspx/content.aspx?id=102.


Fees are $10 per student (a duo is $20). Make checks payable to West Kansas NFL.


Each school must provide one judge for every three entries (or portion of) plus one judge, plus the head coach.  This is one extra than we have required before.  For example, a full entry of 24 entries would now require 9 judges plus a coach.  3 entries require 2 judges plus a coach. College sophomores may judge the whole tournament. You must have your judges in order for your students to compete.


Students must be NFL members on record at the National Office seven days prior to the tournament. I will check membership via the NFL online point system, but Joy of Tournaments double checks this for us.  REMINDER:  If your students have not registered by creating an account and registering an email address online, they are not an official member and cannot compete.


The NSDA has announced there are two new events for students to try and qualify for nationals.  Those events are Informative Speaking and Program of Oral Interpretation.  The rules for these two new events are the same as all other events as they are fully implemented main events this year.  Students can still only enter 2 total events + Congress at the district qualifier tournaments. 


Please go to http://www.joyoftournaments.com/nfl/WestKS-ie/info.asp to access our website.  From there, you will be asked for your log-in and password.  If you went to NFL Nationals last year, you will have a log-in.  If not, please create a new log-in for all our district tournaments will use this software.

You will need to register your teams and your judges on this website.  I know this is some extra work for some of you, but there are some major advantages.  Some of these include the fact you can print a receipt for all your fees, put in all your entries and be able to check all other entries from all other schools at any time.  We have enabled the software to allow you to be able to see everyone that has entered so you can keep track of how many teams are entered and how many more we need.  REMINDER:  we will need 30 duo teams to qualify 3, and 38 entries in all IE events to qualify 3.

Finally, this software will also require you to use your log-in information from nflonline.org when you put in NFL points.  This will link the software into NFL and ensure all of your students are NFL members and have been for at least 7 days.


Green sheets are due on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.  Bring your official signed sheets with you to the tournament, your official entry on JOT will constitute your green sheet.  Make sure you fill out all of your titles on JOT to make you green sheet official. I will total the

event numbers and then post the totals back to you by April 13th.  Entries may be added on Thursday if numbers are needed to help an event qualify more students to nationals (2:30 pm deadline).  I will post the numbers on Thursday at the end of the day and the green sheets become “official” at 3:00, April 14.  Hopefully this option will eliminate calls and frustration the week of the tournament.


A copy of each oration (plus cover form), sources cited, highlighted words, etc. should be brought to registration on April 21.


You must provide the original published source of each selection you have students performing (microfilm/fiche if original is not available). Without this, the students will not be allowed to compete. See District Tournament Manual at http://www.speechanddebate.org/aspx/content.aspx?id=1312 .



Read the rules carefully in the District Tournament Manual. These rules will be strictly followed. There will be a tub check prior to round 1. Any violations will end in disqualification.

Students may have in their files: books, magazines, newspapers, journals provided they are – the original or Xeroxed copies, the article is intact and uncut, no written material on the copies, a topical index without annotation may be present.

Students MAY NOT have in their files: old speeches, handbooks, briefs, outlines.

Laptops are allowed, but they are not to be connected to the internet.  There will be proctors to ensure students are not connected or using materials on laptops that are not allowed.

Extemp areas are chosen by NSDA and questions will be written by them.                        

Students may do both USX and IX at the qualifier.


On Friday, April 21st, the District Committee will be setting up for the tournament. All coaches are welcome to assist. We will start at 10:00 A.M. at Great Bend High School.  We hope to see you there.

I know this is a lot of information to digest. Please ask questions if you are confused or unsure.

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