2017 Valley Forge NSDA
Dates: 3/25/2017 - 3/26/2017

Valley Forge District

National Speech and Debate Association

1 February 2017

Dear Colleagues,

The NSDA Valley Forge District Tournament this year will be held Saturday and Sunday, March 25-26, following a revised schedule from what was sent out at the beginning of the year.  It is noted on the schedule tab here.  One significant item to point out is that IE and CX will start the day this year.  In the past, we had PF and LD begin.  Please note the schedule is also schedule to change as the tournament numbers warrant.  In order to accommodate double entries between events, we are trying to make the schedule as fair and workable as possible.  Please also note the following:

The tournament will be held Saturday at La Salle College High School, 8605 Cheltenham Avenue, Wyndmoor, PA 19038, near the Fort Washington exit of the PA Turnpike. 

Registration should be open on JoyofTournaments.com on or around February 5.  Registration will close Saturday March 18th at 8:00 AM.  If you have questions about how to access this, please feel free to contact me.

Success at this tournament qualifies students for competition at the NSDA National Tournament, to be held in Birmingham, AL June 18-23, 2017.  Nationals registration is on Sunday this year with competitions beginning on Monday.  The tournament will conclude on Friday.  IF YOUR STUDENTS KNOW NOW THAT THEY CANNOT ATTEND NATIONALS TO REPRESENT US, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER THEM AT DISTRICTS.


Please bring all needed forms with signatures, money, copies of orations, etc., to the registration at the tournament.  Registering on this website does not eliminate the need for the proper NFL forms, such as District Tournament Registration Form, District Congress Registration Form and Single Letter of Intent.  Joy of Tournaments will allow you to download the registration forms.  The Single Letter of Intent is at the following link, District Tournament Single Entry Letter of Intent.


Single Entry Letter of Intent Form


·        The NSDA will not permit any double-entering at the National tournament but left it entirely to District Committees to determine double-entry on the district level.  The only thing that NSDA will not sanction is doubling between two partner debate events.  The Valley Forge Committee decided to permit doubling in all cases except between LD Debate and Public Forum -- or between CX Debate and any of the individual speech events. Double entry between CX and Public Forum is prohibited by NSDA rules.

·        If a student qualifies in a team event and an individual event – s/he will go to nationals in the team event, unless both members of the team qualify in individual events.

·        PLEASE NOTEAccording to National Speech and Debate Association rules, a student must establish (prior to entering a second event at the district tournament) which event s/he prefers to attend at the National Tournament, should the student qualify in more than one event. This form MUST be completed PRIOR to the beginning of the district tournament date in which a student potentially double qualifies. Failure to produce this signed form will result in disqualification from the tournament or denial of double entry.  The Single Entry Letter of Intent is also found at the link above. 

The 2016-17 edition of the NSDA District Tournament Operations Manual governs all District Tournament procedures.  The Tournament will be administered by the District Committee, which will adjudicate all disputes that may arise.  The tournament manual may be found at the link above.


An “entry” means a student contestant, a duo, CX debate team or a PF debate team.  Duos, CX teams and PF teams (partner events) count as one entry.  A student who is double-entered counts as TWO entries.  Each school may enter no more than FOUR contestants in each individual event or more than FOUR CX, PF debate teams or Duo teams. 

Bonus Entries:

If a school enters two students in each contest category, they may enter two additional students, regardless of their chapter strength, but totaling no more than FOUR entries in each category.

World Schools Debate Team for the Valley Forge District: 

This year, NSDA has expanded World Schools Debate to allow two teams from each district.  These teams will NOT be just from one school, but from the district itself.  The first team will be formed after the district tournament using the following criteria in this order, Placement, NFL Points and Class.  This is different than what we have done the last two years, but the district committee felt this would give a stronger team to represent us at nationals.  Since we are using NFL points before our district tournament, I should be able to contact the coaches of the first five qualified students and start our process. 

Our second team will be formed by an application process.  A link to the application form is below.  Once the first team is formed, we will create an ad hoc committee from coaches of teams that do not have applicants in the running for the team.  They will then select students for the second World Schools Debate team.

Once we have the two teams organized, I will email the entire district about the list.  In terms of a coach of these teams, that is up to the district. The district committee is discussing how we want to handle this position.  If you have any ideas for this part, feel free to let your district committee know.  If you have any questions about this event, feel free to check the NSDA website about this new debate event.


VF World Schools Application


 POI and Informative Speaking

These are now main events at NSDA Nationals.

NSDA District Student of the Year:

The National Speech and Debate Association calls on coaches to nominate a deserving graduating senior NSDA member for the District Student of the Year award, making her/him eligible for the National Student of the Year, who will become a spokesperson for the activity of debate and speech, and the benefits it brings young people. The NSDA has several mechanisms for recognizing competitive achievement, but this program annually rewards students whose attitude transcends trophies and accolades; a student who characterizes the very traits of humility, integrity, leadership, respect and service touted by our Code of Honor.

Eligibility – the nominee must:

  • be an NSDA member in his/her senior year of high school
  • demonstrate strong academic standards
  • actively engage his/her community through service and action
  • exhibit dedication to forensics and commitment to values of the NSDA

If you want to nominate someone for this honor this year, please complete the form found on the NSDA website, and send it to me as an attachment to an email before the start of the district tournament on March 12.  You will need to log in to your account and Search for High School District Student of the Year Nomination Form.  The district committee will review the applications and decide our winner.

Principal of the Year/Volunteer of the Year

As part of their effort to build the community for Speech and Debate, the National Speech and Debate Association is allowing districts to offer recognitions to those who have helped foster the activity in our area.  The Valley Forge District is offering a Principal of the Year award and a Volunteer of the Year award.  The nomination form will be found at the following link.  It is the same form for either award.  If you wish to make nominations, you should be able to.  If there are any problems with this link or form, please let me know.

Principal/Volunteer of the Year Award


Please feel free to contact me at (610) 419-9677 or at longdr@hotmail.com if you have any questions.  I hope to see you at LaSalle College H.S. in March!

Dave Long - Valley Forge NFL District Chair

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