2018 Southern MN NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/9/2018 - 3/11/2018


Speech Tournament

March 9 - Centennial High School
March 10 - Eagan High School


All Southern MN NFL Schools are invited to participate in the Southern MN NSDA District Speech Tournament on March 9-10, 2018 at Centennial High School (Friday) and Eagan High School (Saturday).  Once again, we will hold the tournament in conjunction with Central Minnesota NSDA. Please keep in mind that on Saturday the Semifinals and Finals will be held at Eagan High School at the same time as the Eagan Wildcat Tournament. We ask that if you are attending the Eagan Wildcat you enter all of your students into the main tournament that plan to compete and any of your students that advance to the semifinals/finals day will be taken out of the main tournament and your invoice for the Eagan Wildcat will be adjusted to reflect that change in entry.

The NSDA has many important procedures in registering for the tournament that can seem daunting, especially for schools participating for the first time. Please make sure to thoroughly review the instructions on this site so that you are following each procedure. If at any time you have questions or need assistance in the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact Chris McDonald at chris.mcdonald@district196.org

Before the tournament:

1. Register at Joy of Tournaments no later than 5 PM on Friday, March 2nd. No new entries will be allowed after this date. Teams will be allowed to make changes to their entries until Wednesday, March 7th with all changes emailed to chris.mcdonald@district196.org. After Wednesday March 7th teams may only make drops which should also be emailed to Chris McDonald as soon as possible.  Please make sure to fully complete the registration process, including Original Oratory and Informative titles and all script information for interpretation events.  Complete your entries as early as possible so the committee can make the appropriate plans regarding rounds.


2. Make sure that all competing students are NSDA members at least 7 days prior to the tournament, which is Friday March 2nd.  The NSDA will not make any exceptions to this rule so please make sure that your students are members on or before March 2nd.  The website will not allow non-members to be registered.


3. Make sure that any NSDA members competing at the district tournament that are new as of this year have completed the online student registration process.  Per NSDA rules, students will not count towards chapter strength or be enabled to compete unless this process is done.  If you have any questions about this please email me at chris.mcdonald@district196.org


4. Print off the official NFL Registration Form ("green sheet") that can be found under the [entries] tab.  This form will automatically populate with entries after you register online.


5. Be sure that you have paid all outstanding dues for new members. If you have not paid, you will need to pay these fees at tournament registration.




 Items to bring with you on March 9th to Registration


1. The completed official District tournament registration sheet ("green sheet"). 


2.     A check to cover all entry and school fees owed by your team. Your invoice is available on Joy of Tournaments under the Fees Tab. All teams who paid the $25 school fee for debate will have the fee deducted on their invoice no later than Friday March 2nd.  Please make all checks payable to MDTA and try your best to bring that check to registration. This is a change from past years. The NSDA has required all districts to be a 501c3. Rather than create another 501c3 organization the NSDA is allowing Southern MN NSDA to operate under the MDTA 501c3. As such all payments must go through MDTA. If your school requires an updated W-9 they may contact me at chris.mcdonald@district196.org and I will provide that for them. If you have to mail it to me use the following address.




Chris McDonald

4185 Braddock Trail

Eagan, MN 55123

3.    NSDA Dues: If your school owes any outstanding dues to the NSDA you will be notified one week prior to the District Speech Tournament by email. Please make every attempt to have all outstanding dues owed to the NSDA paid before Friday March 9th. If you still owe these fees please bring a check to cover these dues or signed paperwork showing that a purchase order has been requested to pay these dues from your school.


4. Completed Single Entry Letter of Intent Forms for students that are double entering in two different speech events, or are single-entering in a speech event after having already qualified previously in a debate event.



Scripts – We will collect all of this at the time of registration.


1. Copies of all Original Orations and Informative Speaking scripts. 


2. Copies of scripts for all interpretation events in accordance with the rules found in the Unified NSDA Manual. The NSDA is requiring us to have a completed photocopied script of all pages of your interp scripts with all lines highlighted in the order they are presented. Please consult the NSDA Manual for instructions.


Key Tournament Rules:


1. Time limits for speeches are as follows:

            Extemp Speaking                                    7 minutes

            Original Oratory and Informative       10 minutes

            Humor, Drama, Duo and POI                10 minutes

2. All speeches must be presented without the aid of script or notes with the exception of POI, which requires a student to use a manuscript. 

3. All coaches and contestants are responsible for reading and understanding all rules pertaining to their events. All District Tournament rules can be found in the Unified NSDA Manual available at http://www.speechanddebate.org/

4. There is a 30 second grace period in all events. Please do not mark students down who finish within the allotted 30-second grace period. The timing rules are clear that if the competitors do go over the 30-second grace period they may not receive the 1 in the round but all other rankings are at the discretion of the judges.

5. We will once again be using the California Plan. So every contestant entering the district tournament is guaranteed the same number of prelims as everyone else entered in their event. The number of prelims run is based upon the number of contestants entered at the district tournament. Please consult the Unified NSDA Manual for further information.  


2018 Site Information:


Friday's competition will be held at Centennial High School, 4757 North Road, Circle Pines, MN 55014. Tournament headquarters/tab room will be announced at least a week before the tournament. All head coaches will be welcome to enter the tab room starting with round 3A to inspect the ballots and see ranks.


Saturday's competition will be held at Eagan High School, 4185 Braddock Trail, Eagan, MN 55123.  It will run in conjunction with the Eagan Wildcat Speech Tournament.  Tournament headquarters/tab room will be Conference Room D located on the upper floor of Eagan High School.



Qualification to Nationals:


During the 2016-2017 school year, the Southern Minnesota NSDA District obtained over 1400 new members and degrees. Because of the size and strength of our entire district, the National Speech and Debate Association has awarded us a Level Three Bonus Qualifier. What this means is that we are guaranteed three entries to attend the NSDA National Tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in each speech and debate event. This bonus is conditional on a requirement that we meet the original criteria for qualifying two contestants.


Please note that this year the NSDA National Tournament is being held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida June 18 – 22, 2018.  



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