2017 South Kansas NSDA Speech
Dates: 4/21/2017 - 4/22/2017



Fort Scott HS


Friday, April 21st

            1:30 PM – District Committee will meet to set round 1 of all events.

            2:30 PM – Registration in Pittsburg HS Auditorium

            3:00 PM – Opening Assembly

            3:45 PM – Extempers report to the prep room to have files checked and receive instructions

            4:00 PM – Round 1 Extemp Draw

            4:00 PM – Round 1 OO, DI, HI, INF, POI

            4:30 PM – Round 1 IX, USX

            6:00 PM – Round 2 Extemp Draw

            6:00 PM – Round 2 OO, DI, HI, INF, POI

            6:30 PM – Round 2 IX, USX

            8:00 PM – Round 3 USX Extemp Draw and Semifinal IX Extemp Draw

            8:00 PM – Round 3 OO, DI, HI, INF, POI

            8:30 PM – Round 3 IX, USX

Note: All coaches will be busy working the tournament, so we will all need to figure out how to get food into the building for our kids, order pizza, run out to get it while kids are in the round, something.

The round should end at around 9:30, and then coaches will need to set rounds for the next day. Hopefully, we will be out of Pittsburg HS on Friday at around 10:30.

Saturday, April 22nd   

8:00 AM – Extemp Draw (Start time may be moved back depending on double entries.)
8:30 AM –  Semifinals IX, USX, OO/Round 4 DI, HI, INF, POI
10:00 AM – Extemp Draw (Again, this may be moved back to keep other events on schedule.)
10:30 AM – Finals IX, USX, OO/Semifinals DI, HI, INF, POI
12:30 PM – Finals DI, HI, INF, POI
2:00 PM – Awards presentation.



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