2017 North Coast NSDA
Dates: 2/17/2017 - 2/18/2017
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North Coast District National Speech and Debate Association

Jason Habig, Amy Roediger, Devon Snook, Dan Ceci, Ryan Peoples


      You are cordially invited to attend the 24th NSDA North Coast District Tournament on Friday, February 17 and Saturday, February 18, 2017 at St. Ignatius High School.  The registration deadline is February 11, 2017 at the District Congress.  The NSDA has made some changes this year, so please read the information (at least the bold print) contained in this invitation carefully. 

1.   Using Joy of Tournaments

Please go to www.joyoftournaments.com to register by February 11 at 9:00AM.  If you haven’t used Joy of Tournaments to register for a tournament, you will have to create an account.  After February 11, I will lock the website and all changes will have to be made by email.  Please make sure to register IE pieces on the website this year!

2.   Forms

Please submit your green registration form and entry fees to me at Congress Nat Quals by February 11.  I have to submit the registration forms to the NSDA (even though Joy of Tournaments will “manage” this tournament), so please complete them thoroughly.  If you don’t have them complete (student signatures) on the 11th, please keep them, but note that your students cannot compete unless this is turned in completed prior to registration.  The students’ names must be exactly as they are on record with the NSDA.  A coach, the principal, and all competitors (even reserve entries) must sign the form.  You must list the title, author, and source for all interp events.  Joy Of Tournaments will print you a completed registration form (from the [Entries] tab; it does not have to be on green paper.

Also note that this year because our District Congress is before our regular National Qualifying tournament; if your students qualify to Nationals in Congress and are competing at Bigs, you MUST submit a “Single Entry Letter of Intent” form before the beginning of the Big District Tournament.     

3.   Student Ratios 

The number of students who may compete in this tournament is based on the number of members and degrees on record with the NFL by February 11.   Schools are limited to 4 contestants or teams in all categories (including POI and Informative).  Please consult NSDA rules to see the numebr fo entries your school is allowed.

4.   Schedule   

      Friday February 17          3:00 PM          Registration at St. Ignatius HS 

                                              3:45 PM          Opening Assembly at St. Ignatius

                                              4:00 PM          Rounds begin at St. Ignatius HS

      Saturday February 18      8:00 AM          Speech and Debate rounds continue at St. Ignatius HS  

Ideally, all students will compete twice on Friday.  Please prepare your students and judges for the late nights and long waits that are characteristic of Big Districts.  Students must not leave the tournament site during the tournament.  If a student misses any round, the student will be disqualified.

5.   Resolutions: Please see the www.speechanddebate.org after January 1 for the correct debate topics.

6.   Special rules for NSDA competition:                        

In extemp and all debates, computers are allowed to be used during rounds, but they may not be used to transmit or receive information.  Debaters are responsible for bringing all items necessary for their computers to work (including printers if necessary).  These will not be supplied by the host school or tournament officials. Competitors may not access the internet during rounds of comeptition. Using a computer during a round gives consent for tournament officials to search the computer’s files.

In all three types of debate, debaters are responsible for the validity of their evidence.  During rounds of LD       or PFD, debaters should provide author name and source title for each piece of evidence presented.  During rounds of policy debate, debaters should provide author name, source title, and complete date.  Complete citations for each piece of evidence presented must be available in every round.  

Original Oratory scripts: Do not have to be submitted ahead of time but a copy that conforms to the OHSSL format must be available upon request if there is a protest.

Extemp files must not contain any old speeches.  

The final round of both extemps will feature cross-examination.

Drama/Humor/Duo Interp:  You must have the original published source and a script which indicates every line spoken available at the tournament.  All interps must have been published and printed.  If they are not published and printed, the competitor will be disqualified.  If a script is not available at a tournament and it is protested, the competitor will be disqualified.  Videos and internet selections  are unacceptable unless they also have been published and printed as "novels, short stories, plays or poetry".  Materials which have been published in a high school publication are not allowed.  The interp piece that is put on the registration form must be used for the entirety of the tournament.

7.   Cost

The entry fee is $10.00 per student ($20.00/Policy, Public Forum, or Duo team).  Fees are due with registration materials by February 11.  Please make checks payable to National Forensic League.  Please try to use the reserve list on your green sheet. Last year there was a flood of competitor changes and judge changes at the last minute, which screws up our strike sheets and slows down the tournament significantly.  .

Only NSDA schools in good standing can compete at this tournament.  This means that all outstanding NFL fees and dues must be paid prior to the tournament or your students will not be allowed to compete.  If you owe fees the week before the tournament, please turn them into me so that I don’t have to hear the “check is in the mail” line from the NSDA.

8.   Judging information      

Policy and Public Forum Debate: Bring 1 judge per 1 or 2 team(s).  Bring 2 judges per 3 or 4 teams.

Lincoln-Douglas:  Bring 1 judge if you bring 1 or 2 LD debater(s).  Bring 2 judges if you bring 3 or 4 LD debaters.

Speech:      Bring 1 judge for every three contestants/teams or any fraction thereof (4 extempers = 2 judges).      

If you have extra judges, please bring them  as this tournament is very difficult for us to run on Friday given the number of judges necessary.

When you enter your judge names on the Joy of Tournament site, there is a place to indicate if a judge is a parent or a former competitor.  Please indicate in the “notes” box the former competitor’s event if a judge is a former competitor.                                   

Judges are needed for both days even if some competitors get eliminated on Friday.  Please make sure you have the correct number of judges for the entire tournament, not what you have left after one day of competition. All judges must have a working stopwatch. 

If you know of neutral judges who would be willing to judge at this tournament, please bring them.  The district will pay $40 per day.

In speech we’ll use three judges starting with round 1.  In all debates we’ll use three judge panels as soon as the number of teams/judges allows for that or the rules force us to do so.

9.   Judge Strikes Policy

In debate we will be following the same judge strike procedure as we are using for the OHSSL.  In LD and PFD, each team/competitor will be allowed to strike 2 judges.   In policy debate, given the potential for a very small judging pool, we may not allow any judge strikes, depending on the total number of entries.  A list of all judges in each debate event will be emailed to out to all schools with competitors after registration closes.  Strikes must be emailed back to Jason Habig (jhabig@hb.edu) before 8:00PM on Wednesday, February 15th.  Any team that does not meet this deadline will forfeit the right to strike judges.  All judge strikes will be kept confidential.  Please note that if the list of judges changes the day of the tournament, students will not be able to alter their judge strikes at the tournament. 

10. Double Entry

As per the vote of the District Committee, students competing in Inf, POI, OO, DI, HI, and Duo will be allowed to double enter at this tourament.  All double entered students, must submit Letter of Intent forms prior to the beginning of the tourament.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. 

Jason Habig
Hathaway Brown
216-320-8796 X7173end_of_the_skype_highlighting


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