2017 Nebraska South NSDA Speech
Dates: 2/25/2017

Nebraska District--Speech

February 25

Lincoln East High School  

February 1, 2017

To:  Nebraska South Speech & Debate Coaches

From:  Tommy Bender, Chair

     The Nebraska South District Qualifying Tournament for speech and will be held February 25th at Lincoln East High School, and the debate qualifier will be held at Ralston on March 3rd and 4th.  Below are links to the official registration sheets.  Please make sure to type or print your students' names exactly as they appear on their membership card or on your official roster.  This makes things easier for our committee as we fill out the NSDA forms in preparation for the tournament.  We're also going to use the Joy of Tournaments program to tab this year, as they have a special program set up to do NSDA quals.  As such, online entry will be available, but you'll still need to have the official registration sheets as well. (NOTE:  You may download those directly from the [Entries] page of this website after you've completed your registration.)

  It's also important to note who's eligible.  Any student who has their NSDA Degree of Merit by Friday, February 17th  at midnight would be eligible. I'll check proof of membership online. Please make sure students appear as members on your roster by February 17th.  Students can double enter, but that includes speech AND debate – so a student who double enters in speech cannot enter in any type of debate excluding Congress).  You can enter up to 4 of any event, as long as your entry quota supports it.  The number of entries you receive is based on how many members and degrees you have.  If you look at the 'Membership Reports' tab on your point entry page, you can find your quotas. I strongly encourage you to fill all your slots, as we are constantly at the line that threatens our number of qualifiers and, indeed, our district's existence.  Does that mean it's okay to bring novices to fill all your slots?  Absolutely!  I usually bring anyone and everyone who's eligible to fill the slots.  Just remember to make sure all students you enter are members!

     Also--and I can't say this enough--enter your NSDA points NOW! I gotta tell you, folks, it's problematic when teams don't enter their points until the last minute, and then we have to sort out who's a member and who sent what check where.  I hate to put it this bluntly, but we will NOT allow teams to compete if fees are unpaid.  We WILL ask for personal checks from coaches to cover outstanding fees, and we WILL cash them.

     On a related note, fees for the NSDA tournament seem pretty high compared to regular season tournaments, initially.  Please remember the district pays the judges, and these judges judge more rounds than a regular season tournament.  You won't have to pay a judge to cover slots--we pay them.  (Just make sure you bring them . . .)  Also, please remember that coaches are required to judge a minimum of 3 rounds, and that we may need you to return on Saturday, even if your students have been eliminated.  Please bring lots of judges!  If you haven't had all your judges fill out a form to judge, please do so ASAP! Please have your judges complete the form online ASAP!!! The link is JUDGE REGISTRATION

Registration Items

Official entry form for BOTH Speech and Debate – Due to me Friday, February 17th (I will pick them up at Lincoln East on the 17th if you have them completed). Put both speech and debate on the same form, please.  


  1. Entries for both speech and debate entered on JOT!

  2. Completed bibliography of all interpretation scripts, including publisher, ISBN, author, title, entered on JOT.

  3. Print your entries and have all the signatures - with all necessary signatures!  NOTE:  You may download a "pre-populated" registration sheet (green sheet) from the [Entries] page of this website once you've registered your team online.  You can hand deliver these to me at the Lincoln East Speech tournament on Friday, Feb 17th--or you can also scan and email, as long as you bring the original with you at registration.

  4. Enter your oratory titles on JOT.


  1. Entry fee check (MUST HAVE).

  2. Any outstanding NSDA fees check (Did you enter points at the last minute? They’ll make you pay for the Merit Degrees before either speech or debate can compete--and we’ll have to collect a personal check if you have not made arrangements with the National Office).

  3. Signed copies of all oratories with cover sheet signed by both students and coach (max. 150 or fewer quoted words). (see form)

  4. Is anyone on your team double entered (speech-debate-congress)? You’ll need to turn in a single-letter of intent form for each team member, as you cannot be double entered at Nationals (see form)

  5. Printed copy of all bibliographical information (publisher, ISBN, author and title) for all literature for your interpretation entries (see form)

Late registration requires an extra fee of $5 for each day late or $5 per entry, whichever is smaller.  No entries will be accepted after Tuesday, February 21st, for speech, and Tuesday, February 28th, for debate.


Registration (judges' lounge) – $15  per tournament (Speech/Debate/Congress)

Speech events –  $25 per entry

Policy – $40 per team

LD – $40 per entry

Public Forum – $40 per team

Congress -- $20 per entry

Please make sure you have reviewed the District Tournament Manual concerning entries and rules.  The newest version can be accessed from the NSDA website <http://www.speechanddebate.org>.

Informative and POI

Informative and POI are now regular entries, and as such we can now enter up to 4.  Total entries have been adjusted to reflect that change.  


     We’ve switched to a one-day tournament for speech.   


     Please send estimates for ALL events (both speech and debate) ASAP!  There are some instances where, if we are close to a cutoff number, we can fill someone in to get the next higher number of qualifiers, BUT we have to know about it in advance.  Please try to fill as many team slots as possible--it keeps the district healthy!  Teams again count as one entry this year.  


     Remember, you do not hire your own judges for this tournament--they are hired by the district.  That's why entry fees are higher for this tournament than regular season tournaments.  HOWEVER, you need to find as many judges as possible and send their names to us to get hired. WE MUST HAVE MORE JUDGES!

NSDA Fines:

     If you have any outstanding fines from the NSDA office they will not let you compete.  Please make sure all degrees and anything you may have ordered are taken care of.  They will find you!

Round Setting:

     The committee will meet the week of the speech tournament (at a time and location to be announced) to set all preliminary rounds.  If any coaches would like to help, you are welcome to attend.  

Extemp Topics:

     The NSDA offers a topic writing service so the extemp questions mimic national style. We'll use that approach this year.

Student Congress:

     Congress will be Saturday, March 18th, at Lincoln North Star High School.  Bill due-dates and voting information will follow soon.  In addition, remember that Congress judge rules now require schools to bring judges to Congress. More on that soon.  I'll have more information about arrival, parking, concessions, etc. as the tournament approaches.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  My e-mail is tbender@lps.org

NE South District Committee

Tommy Bender - chair - Lincoln Southeast

Becca Hier - Bellevue West

Kim Samuelson - Lincoln East

Alicia Williamson - Lincoln North Star

Nolan Dewispalare - Pius X

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