2017 Michigan NSDA District Speech Tournament
Dates: 4/22/2017
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Michigan District NSDA Qualifier
Holland High School - 600 VanRaalte Ave.  Holland, MI 49423

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Kevin Schneider, tournament director


As a chapter and/or affiliate school within the Michigan District of the National Forensic League, you are invited to the 2016 District Qualifier for the 2017 National Tournament in Birmingham.  Michigan is coming off another successful year, and we are looking forward to continuing our tradition of excellence. This small tournament will decide who will represent our state. 

Relevant numbers:

email (preferred)         kschneid@hollandpublicschools.org
school phone               616-494-2262
home phone                 616-405-9399 

Events:  NSDA has six events for the IE competition which all have slight rule differences from MIFA, but they are similar. They include:

            DI (any serious piece, can be DI, Prose, Poetry or Storytelling)

            HI (any humorous piece, can be DI, Prose, Poetry or Story)



            Foreign Extemp

            US Extemp


            POI (Packaged Oral Interp)

No stools or chairs are allowed in interp events.  All interp events have a 10 minute time limit. No internet access or note cards in either Extemp.  

Hello all!

Just letting you know that registration has begun for the National Forensics League District Tournament!  Our goal is to get as many Michigan students to Nationals.  Last year was an awesome year, with a majority of our students breaking in at least one event at the National Tournament!

Here is your formal invitation to the NSDA qualifying tournament for Michigan. The event, as posted last year, is February 6th, 2016. The event will occur here at Holland High School (600 VanRaalte Avenue, Holland, MI. 49423). 

WHEN: Saturday, April 22, 2017 (registration 8:00 to 8:30...round one at 9:00...awards tentatively sent for 2:00...however, this may change if tournament grows larger.

WHERE: Holland High School (600 VanRaalte Ave., MI 49423)

WHO: Any NSDA member with updated points and dues!? If you are unsure of how many entries you can have, check your status online at www.nationalforensicsleague.orgThe more merits you have, the more entries you are given.

HOST: Kevin Schneider

WHAT TO DO:  Registration will close on Friday, April 14 at 5:00 p.m. This allows us to verify information with the NSDA.  HOWEVER, the sooner we know the numbers, the better the neutral judges will be for tournament!

EVENTS:Duo, Oratory, International Extemp, Domestic or US Extemp, Humorous, Dramatic, Info, POI

JUDGES: Though we will be hiring neutral judges, we also ask you to furnish (and pay) one judge per 4 entries.

DOUBLE ENTRY: Students MAY double enter...we just need to know this. In fact, double enter as many as you can...the more in each event, the more we qualify.

NSDA REGISTRATION SHEET: Please fill out and sign the registration forms on the NSDA web site.  You may also download a "pre-populated" registration sheet from the [Entries] page of this website (once you've registered your team).  These must also be signed by principal.  After you register, I will send you a check list to make sure all is in order.  


IF YOU NEED HELP ENTERING POINTS or would like me to figure out HOW MANY SLOTS YOU HAVE AVAILABLE TO YOU...just email me!  No problem!

Quota System:
District tournaments qualify national entrants in debate and speech events according to the number of actual participants in each event, using the following chart (this does not affect Congress, which has its own quota system): 

Individual Events (LD & Speech) Team Events (Duo)
4-11 entrants = 1 Qualifier 4-9 Teams = 1 Qualifier
12-37 entrants = 2 Qualifiers 10-29 Teams = 2 Qualifiers
38-57 entrants = 3 Qualifiers 30-49 Teams = 3 Qualifiers
58+ entrants = 4 Qualifiers 50+ Teams = 4 Qualifiers


Formula for Determining the Number of Entries from the Members and Degrees (Chapter
Strength) on Record
1 - 15 members and degrees 3 entry
16 - 20 members and degrees 5 entries
21 - 30 members and degrees 8 entries
31 - 40 members and degrees 10 entries
41 - 50 members and degrees 12 entries
51 - 60 members and degrees 13 entries
61 - 70 members and degrees 15 entries
71 - 80 members and degrees 17 entries
81 - 90 members and degrees 19 entries
91 - 100 members and degrees 20 entries
101-120 members and degrees 22 entries
121-140 members and degrees 24 entries
141-160 members and degrees 26 entries
161-180 members and degrees 27 entries
181-200 members and degrees 28 entries
201-230 members and degrees 29 entries
231-260 members and degrees 30 entries
261-300 members and degrees 31 entries
301-350 members and degrees 32 entries
351-400 members and degrees 33 entries
401-500 members and degrees 34 entries
501-600 members and degrees 35 entries
601+ members and degrees 36 entries

Hope to see you there April 22! Best way to contact me is via email!!

Please remember that students MUST be an NSDA member (at least 25 NSDA points) in order to compete.  Additionally, ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES MUST BE PAID ON OR BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT DATE.  Please email me if you have any questions regarding this.

Food:  We will have food available for sale all day.  Please plan on eating at the school as there will be little time to travel off campus. 

Tentative Schedule:
Registration in the Library                  8:00 – 8:30AM
General Meeting                                             8:45
Extemp draw in the Media Center                 8:30
Judges Meeting                                               8:45
Round I                                                           9:00
Round II                                                         10:15
Additional rounds will follow

Awards will follow

NSDA Frequently Asked Questions 

There has been some confusion over the rules and regulations of this tournament.  Basically the rules are not very different from the MIFA rules.  Here are some helpful questions and answers.

****Pay special attention to #10                

1)        What are the rules regarding blocking, use of chairs, use of performance space?  No chairs, blocks or stools.  Most NSDA qualifiers limit their movement, but since Michigan people are judging this qualifier, you can ease up on the changing of your blocking.

2)        What are the time limits for the events?  The time limits for DI and HI are 10 minutes instead of 8.  Extemp, Oratory, and Duo time limits are the same.

3)        Will these rules apply to the qualifier tournament?  NSDA rules will be upheld at the qualifier.

4)        What does my student need to do in order to compete?  Any student can compete as long as he/she is a member of the NSDA.  25 points must be entered for them and their $15 payment fee must be acquired by the NSDA before the tournament day. 

5)        Will my students get trophies?  Each student who qualifies will receive a special plaque.  There is a team sweepstakes trophy, which is calculated by how many students each team has at the tournament, and how many rounds they compete in total.

6)        Do the students need to dress a certain way, bring their script in a certain format, or do anything different than usual?  Dress as you would for a normal tournament.  Most boys wear ties, no matter what the event.  As for the script, bring all scripts and speeches signed as you would to a MIFA district tournament.

7)        How long will the tournament last?  It really depends upon the number of students in the event.  Scoring works a little differently from MIFA.  In prelims, the people that receive the 1 and the 2 in the round get an “up” while the others receive a “down.”  When a student receives two “downs”, he/she is eliminated.  When judges rank the students, there are NO PERCENTAGE POINTS.  The ballots are different.  After round 2 the tab staff will have to restructure until we have eliminated enough people to have a final round.  This usually takes 2 or 3 rounds.  Then in finals, there are 3 judges and the person with the lowest ranks overall (cumulative throughout the day) wins.  There will be an extensive judges meeting to go over the rules.  Please print out the District Tournament Manual and go over it with your judges before the tournament.

8)        How many people are competing?  I have no idea yet.  You need 12 entries in an event to qualify two students to nationals, and 10 duos to qualify the top two.

9)        If my student qualifies—what do I do?  You’ll need to secure travel and housing arrangements to Birmingham. Go to the NSDA website for more information.  We may be securing a block of rooms beforehand to make this easier.  

10)    What do I need to bring to the tournament?  You will need: 

-a printout of your official chapter list, which can be accessed on the NSDA website

-copies of scripts and speeches, signed by both the coach and the student

-the NSDA District Tournament Registration form, which you can find on www.speechanddebate.org.  Look under the District Tournament Manual under NSDA Manuals.  Fill it out and have it signed by your principal. 

-your registration fee, and your judges

11)    What if I have more questions?  Please contact Kevin Schneider @ kschneid@hollandpublicschools.org

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