2017 Central MN NSDA Congress Tournament
Dates: 11/8/2017
2016 Central MN NSDA Congressional Debate Tournament
Minnesota State Capitol / State Office Building
St. Paul, MN
Wednesday, November 8th, 2017
1. The 2017 Central MN NSDA District Congress will take place at the Minnesota State Office Building (100 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Blvd, St. Paul, MN, 55155)
2. Again this year, we will be running the District Congress in conjunction with Southern Minnesota NSDA.  Each school needs to provide one coach that is able to serve as a judge for Southern Minnesota, and Southern Minnesota will provide coaches that will judge our students.  Each judge will be paid a $35 stipend by the other district.
3. All registration will take place on the Joy of Tournaments website.  Please register your students on or before November 1st.  The site will allow you to group your students together.  You can choose which students will be together in a House from your school, but the distribution of those groupings into chambers will be randomized.
4.  Each school that attends the District Congress may submit up to 3 three pieces of legislation for debate at the NSDA Congress Qualifier.  The legislation should be e-mailed to Zach Prax (zachary.prax@district196.org) in a Microsoft Word document by 3:00 p.m. CST on Tuesday, October 24th.  They will be distributed via email sometime during the day on Wednesday, October 25th to advisors from each school, and will be published on the JOT registration site.  Please label your legislation as Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary; all "Primaries" will be debated first, then "Secondaries", then "Tertiaries".  The order of the docket will be established within each chamber by the contestants.
5. Students must be members on record with the NSDA Main Office no later than Wednesday, November 1st in order to compete at the tournament.
6. Entry fees are $5 per student.  Local yearly dues of $50 are due from all schools as this is the first qualifier in the District Tournament Series.  
7. You may only enter the number of students allowed by your level of members and degrees on record with the NSDA on or before November 1st.  The more members and degrees you have the more slots you may enter at the district congress.
8.  At registration, you will need to provide your official registration form ("green sheet").  This can be printed from Joy of Tournaments.  In addition, you will need to provide a check for registration fees (payable to Central Minnesota NSDA) and another check for any outstanding membership dues (payable to National Speech and Debate Association).
As always, let me know if you have any questions regarding the District Tournament Series.

Zach Prax
District Chair, Central Minnesota NSDA

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