2017 Carolina West NSDA Congress
Dates: 2/25/2017





Greetings Carolina West District, 


We want to welcome all of you to the 2016 Carolina West District Congress Tournament. We will be running a single day competition this year on February 25 at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte.   This will be in conjunction with the regular season tournament being held at Ardrey Kell for all other events. Our goal is to send the very best students in Student Congress to the NSDA National Tournament in Birmingham this year! 


Your first stop in the registration process should be the updated NSDA High School Unified Manual.  The rules specific to Congressional Debate can be found on pages 32-40 and 68-70.  We encourage you to print a copy for yourself and have it on hand at the District Congress Tournament.  Most questions you may have during the qualification process can be answered directly by the Manual.  You should also carefully read these pages to fully understand the rules of Congressional Debate that are unique to the NSDA.  

Second, every school must complete a District Congress Tournament Registration Form.  This form is automatically completed for you after you enter your students on Joy of Tournaments.  This form must be fully completed, printed, signed, and turned into District Chair Keith Pittman by February 17, 2017 (as per NSDA rules). You may hand deliver it or mail it prior to the tournament.  Please use a registered form of mail if you choose this option.  Please be aware: you must concurrently register all students and judges on this website to be entered in the District Congress Tournament by February 17, 2017 by 4:00 PM as well. We are required by the NSDA to receive BOTH the electronic and hard copy versions of resistration.

Please be sure to read the information on this website to ensure your registration is conducted properly. 

We look forward to seeing all of you on February 25th!



Keith Pittman,  District Chair (Asheville) 

Scott Bennett, Clerk of Congress  (Northwest Guilford)

On behalf of District Committee members Chris Harrow (Ardrey Kell), Nicole Jenkins (Providence), and Bob Wieckowski (Myers Park). 


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