2016 ICTA State JV & Novice Debate Tournament
Dates: 3/11/2016 - 3/12/2016


Dear Illinois Debate Community,

This is a formal invitation to participate in the 5th annual (2016) Illinois Communication and Theatre Association State Debate Tournament for Novice/JV Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum and Congressional Debate.  Please join us at Belleville West High School in Belleville, IL in March!

 WHAT?                       ICTA State Debate Tournament for first and second year debaters.

WHEN?                       March 11-12, 2016

WHERE?                    Belleville West High School                                  

                                     4063 Frank Scott Pkwy West

                                     Belleville, IL 62223

FOR WHOM?        All Illinois high schools where a coach (or other faculty member) is a member of the Illinois Communication and Theatre Association.  Coaches may register for ICTA at the actual tournament if they (or another teacher at their school) are not already a member.

EVENTS?                     We will host Novice and JV divisions for each of the following events:  Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and Congressional Debate.  Novice and JV divisions may be collapsed into one division if the numbers warrant it.  

ELIGIBILITY             Novices:  to quality for this category, debaters must be in their first year of

BY DIVISION             competition.  Any students who have had any kind of Debate competition prior to the 2015-16 school year are ineligible.  In addition, high school seniors must be placed in the JV division even if they meet the criteria of a Novice.


       JV:  To qualify for this category, debaters must be in their first or second year of competition. Students who have had any kind of Debate competition prior to the 2014-15 school year are ineligible.  Assuming they meet the criteria, all seniors must compete in this division.



1.  Prep time for each team will be:  two (2) minutes in Public Forum and four (4) minutes in Lincoln-Douglas.  Final Shot in PF will be 2 minutes.

2.  There shall be no oral critiques after a round.  Judges are expected to write out a complete ballot.

3.  Judges must keep time.  Students are allowed to time; however, under no circumstances are debaters to be the only ones keeping time.

4.  Judges shall submit a decision within ten (10) minutes of the conclusion of the round.

5.  Judges shall not reveal decision until the results have been released by the SDTC. DO NOT DISCLOSE.

6.  A coach (or another teacher) from each attending school must be a member of ICTA for the school to participate in this ICTA-sponsored event.  Bring your membership card (or a copy) to registration.  If the coach is not an ICTA member, or if no other faculty member of that school is not a member, s/he must pay membership dues at the time of registration.  Annual dues are $60.

TOPICS      Lincoln-Douglas debaters will debate the March-April topic.  Public Forum debaters will debate the March topic.  ICTA Legislation in Novice/JV Congressional Debate will duplicate the  IHSA State Debate Docket.  SDTC will choose and announce in advance which three pieces of legislation will be debated in the Final Round of Congressional Debate.

FEES            $25 per PF team, $25 per LD debater, $25 per Congressional debater.

SCHOLARSHIPS/ ICTA STUDENT OF YEAR      Profits that the tournament earns will be awarded by the SDTC in two scholarships.  One student from a Novice division and one student from JV will OF THE YEAR  be honored as ICTA Student of the Year.  Last year, we awarded $1000 per student; the amount for this year will not be known until registration ends.


§  This student must compete in the 2016 ICTA State Debate Tournament.

§  This student should exemplify the heart and maturity of a varsity debater within a Novice/JV body.

§  This student should be growing into an active leader on your team and in the Debate community.

More information concerning the nomination process may be obtained by emailing charms@bths201.org.

ICTA COACH  OF THE YEAR           SDTC will present a plaque to the Coach of the Year.  More information on this award may be obtained by emailing charms@bths201.org.



             2/25 (TH, 4PM) –  Intent to enter and preliminary registration numbers

Email to charms@bths201.org   As soon as SDTC reviews the numbers, SDTC will contact you immediately if the JV division of any event is in danger – so that you can exercise the option to accelerate students into that level.  You will also be contacted if a debate area did not make the necessary entry limits.

            3/3 (TH, 11:59PM) – Final names/numbers on Joy Of Tournaments.Com (joyoftournaments.com)

Log in to your JOT account to register; if you don’t already have a JOT account, go to the site and create one.  No refunds will be given for drops after 3/3/16, but you will not incur a drop fee.


            3/9 (W, 11:59PM) –  Final Registration on JOT  Changes made after Wednesday may not be reflected on your final  entry.  $50.00 fee per entry for drops on Friday.  NAME CHANGES ARE ACCEPTABLE!




Carol Harms (Debate Coach, Belleville East HS)

Chair, ICTA State Debate Tournament Commission


The ICTA State Debate Tournament Commission (SDTC) consists of:

Lainee McGraw (Carl Sandburg HS) – vice-chair          Darrell Robin (Schaumburg HS) – member

Mike Colletti (A.A. Stagg HS) – member                       Brian Voss (Libertyville HS) – member

 Tournament Host:  Dr. Brandon Hentze, coach, Belleville Township High School West


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