2017 ICDA State @ Harper College
Dates: 2/25/2017

Dear Illinois Debate Congressional Association Coach,

The Illinois Congressional Debate Association invites you to the ICDA State Championship Tournament on February 25, 2017 at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, IL.


Entries:  Enter up to ten Invitational debaters into the Invitational Chambers - they will be randomly distributed.  Registration is due at 5:00PM on Friday, February 17 for both Invitational and Championship levels.  You may drop and substitute debaters, but you may not make additions to your registration after February 17.  Fees will be set at that time.

Enter up to four debaters composing your championship level team to the Championship Chambers.  We will randomly distribute them.

NOTE: Participating teams must be ICDA members "in good standing".  To be in good standing, teams must be current on all fees owed ICDA AND have a current "Official Representative Form" on file with ICDA.


Fees:  Fees are due at registration the day of the tournament (2/25/17).  All entry fees should be made payable to ICDA (not Harper College).

Championship Team

(1-2 debaters) = $50

(3-4 debaters) = $100                                  


(1-10 debaters) = $11 per debater registered

Make entry checks out to: ICDA


Judging: When registering your judges in JOT, please use judge names for the championship level. Only coaches (preferably Head Coaches), who are on record with your school, may judge in the Championship chambers.  Judges for the Championship will be assigned by name.  Judges for the invitational tournament will be assigned by school.  Please check both judge grids to determine your responsibilities.

Championship Judging Responsibilities = 1 judge per team

(be sure to include the name for the Championship judge)

Invitational Judging Responsibilities = 1 judge per team

Judge Grids and Chamber lists will not be posted at the tournament - only the Official ICDA Team Representative, or his/her designee (on file with Tim Waters), will receive the students' chamber assignments - students must communicate with this individual at the tournament to determine their chamber assignments.


Legislation:  The legislation packet is available on JOT and Edline (ICDA Tournaments: Legislation).


Rules: The rules for both the Invitational and Championship tournaments are posted to both JOT and Edline. All Championship level debaters and coaches must sign the rules acknowledgement. The Rules Acknowledgement form is due on the day of the tournament (2/25/17).  You will find this form in the Registration Packet link.

PIZZA: Please use the Pizza Order Form from the menu above. You will need to click on a Google Document. Pizza orders are due by 5PM on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH. 

Please contact Tim Waters (tim.waters@d214.org), ICDA President, if you have any questions regarding the tournament.  

Please contact Carl Schwartz (cschwartz@d211.org),  if you have any questions about registration.


ICDA Oversight Committee


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