2014 Glenbrook Speech and Debate Tournament
Dates: 11/22/2014 - 11/24/2014


NOVEMBER 22-24, 2014
Dear Colleague:
The debate communities of Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South cordially invite you to the 35th edition of The Glenbrooks. Three levels of policy debate, two levels of Lincoln- Douglas, six speech events, Congressional Debate, and Public Forum will be held at Glenbrook South, Glenbrook North, Maple School and Attea Middle School. We hope you can join us.
There are some changes to our event this year that are important to note:
We are piloting the use of tabroom.com and online balloting in the Varsity LD and Junior Varsity LD divisions this year.  More information will be sent out to schools registered in those events when we get closer to the tournament date.  Please share any information in regards to this to any of the judges that you are bringing in those events.

We will be allowing each school to bring a fourth Varsity Lincoln-Douglas debater this year and a fourth Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas debater.  There will be no allowing of a fifth entry in either event.
We have altered the judging requirement in Individual Events.  Schools now need to bring one judge per six entries (or fraction thereof) instead of one judge for five entries.
We are also altering our waiting list policy.   Priority initially will be given to schools that have to travel from out-of-state since there are more costs incurred for them.  We want to minimize schools having to pay large travel costs due to last-minute release off of the waiting list.
We are also expanding the field of Novice Policy this year.  We will still be taking one team per school this year initially but we will be much more flexible with the waiting list.  We have some increase of room space, which allows us to expand the field.  We will move to six preliminary rounds in Novice Policy with a break to octofinals.  This means that both semifinals and finals will be on Monday at the Renaissance North Shore.

We are excited to say that we will once again be at Attea Middle School this year for our Individual Events competition.  We thank you for taking such great care of this building last year and we hope to continue to buld a relationship with that building to be able to house Individual Events there for years to come.   The facility is located at 2500 Chestnut Avenue, Glenview, IL 60026.                   

The venues for the various debate events on Saturday and Sunday will be different from 2013. On Saturday and Sunday, Glenbrook South will host Varsity LD, Glenview State Bank JV LD, Congressional Debate, JV Policy, and Novice Policy.   Glenbrook North and The Maple School will host Varsity Policy and Public Forum.  All Monday elimination rounds (VLD, VCX, JVCX, NCX) in debate will be at the Renaissance North Shore. We encourage all competitors to stay at either the Renaissance North Shore or one of our other  hotel venues. Utilizing our hotel and transportation venues allows us to continue to have the lowest entry fees of any national circuit tournament.
We will be continuing our policy of using a school/hotel fee this year of $100.  Please read before stressing - the fee will be waived if you stay at one of our tournament hotels OR you are a local school.  When you are entering students online, please email Tara at ttate@glenbrook225.org to waive that fee.  Either list that you are local OR list the tournament hotel that you are staying at as well as the name the reservations are under.  If there are other circumstances that cause you to not stay at one of our tournament properties, please drop Tara an email for discussion.  We don't want to make a dime off this fee.  We just are needing our participants to fill our hotel contracts so we can continue to utilize our contracts for tournament competition space on Monday and to house our hired judges and tournament officials.
As the Glenbrooks is an invitational tournament, we reserve the right to refuse entry of any school to compete in the tournament or judges to cover a commitment for any reason. Again, entry into the tournament is not official until you receieve a confirmation email that your entry has been removed from the waitlist. 
We cannot stress the importance of registering for The Glenbrooks as soon as possible. Once our rooms are full, we cannot accept any additional entries. Please pay careful attention to all of the policies in the invitation before sending in your entry. It is especially important to highlight that your registration on Joy of Tournaments is only to put you on the waitlist. Entries are official once we receive your entry fee check and send you a confirmation email. Being the first to submit your registration online in Duo Interp does not guarantee your slot – mailing us your check promptly does.
Please especially note that no school should make any plane or hotel reservations until its coach receives confirmation from a Glenbrooks Director (see the “Completing the Initial Entry” portion of the invitation).
Also, if you are hiring judges from the tournament, note that every school must have at least one representative in each of the judging pools of the events in which it is entered (see the “Hired Judging Policy” for further details). If you are unclear about the implications of this hired judging rule, please email Tara at ttate@glenbrook225.org before sending in your registration form(s) and fees. We will not confirm any school’s entry if it incorrectly requests too many hired judges on the registration form(s). 
We will continue to utilize a Mutual Preference Judging system this year in our Varsity CX and Varsity LD divisions. We will be steadfast and diligent in making sure judging philosophies are posted and schools have their judge’s names entered online by the deadline in order to make this MPJ system possible – Friday, November 14th by 5 pm (CST). Schools will be charged a $100 penalty for not meeting this deadline. If you are interested in hiring out for rounds past your commitment in VCX or VLD ($30 to $40 a round), please contact Sara Sanchez at ssanchez@glenbrook225.org.  We hope to have our MPJ system available for you on the morning of Tuesday, November 18th  We will also continue to offer a strike system in Public Forum.
******Please note the following payment policy - it is the same as The 2014 Glenbrooks******
We will only accept one check per school and one check can only cover one school. If this is a problem please email Michael Greenstein at mgreenstein@glenbrook225.org


Varsity,junior varsity, and  novice policy debate divisions will be switch-side, cross-examination style, with an 8-3-5 format. Varsity debaters should only include your finest competitors. Only debaters in their first or second year of competition may enter the JV division. Only debaters in their first year of competition may enter the novice division.
A school may enter a maximum of three (3) teams in varsity and two (2) teams in the junior varsity division.  A school may enter only one (1) team in the novice division, but we will have much more flexibility this year to allow a second team from a school off the wait list this year. We have space for approximately 320 teams. Policy debaters may not enter any other tournament event.
The policy topic for the 2014 Glenbrooks is as follows:
Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its non-military exploration and/or development of the Earth's oceans.
There will be seven preliminary rounds in varsity policy. Varsity policy will break to double-octafinals. All Saturday and Sunday competition in this event will occur at Glenbrook North High School campus. Octafinals and subsequent elimination rounds will take place on Monday at the Renaissance North Shore.
There will be six preliminary rounds in the junior varsity division and  novice division of policy.  JV and Novice policy competition on Saturday and Sunday will be at  Glenbrook South High School. Semifinals and finals in both the JV and Novice divisions will take place on Monday at the Renaissance North Shore. 
Lincoln-Douglas will include varsity and the Glenview State Bank junior varsity divisions, with NFL rules and time limits. Varsity LD debaters should include only your finest competitors. Only debaters in their first or second year of competition may enter the Glenview State Bank JV division.
A school may enter a maximum of four (4) debaters in the varsity division and a maximum of four (4) debaters in the Gleniew State Bank junior varsity division.   Approximately 200 varsity and 100 JV debaters will be accepted for LD competition. LD debaters may not enter into any other tournament event.
The November/December NFL Lincoln-Douglas topic will be used; check the October Rostrum.
There will be seven preliminary rounds in Varsity Lincoln-Douglas. Varsity LD will break to double-octafinals. Varsity LD competition on Saturday and Sunday will take place at Glenbrook South High School. Octafinals and subsequent elimination rounds will occur on Monday at the Renaissance North Shore. 

There will be six preliminary rounds in the Glenview State Bank JV division of LD. Glenview State Bank JV LD competition on Saturday and Sunday will take place at Glenbrook South High School campus.  This division will break to double-octafinals, assuming the numbers continue to remain consistent with previous year.  The JV LD division will conclude on Sunday night at Glenbrook South HS.

Public Forum will be an open division, using NFL rules and time limits.
A school may enter a maximum of three (3) public forum teams. There is space for approximately 90 teams.  Public Forum debaters may not enter any other tournament event.
The November NFL public forum topic will be used; check the October Rostrum.
There will be six preliminary rounds in the Public Forum division.  The division will break to double octafinals. All public forum competition will occur at the Glenbrook North High School campus and The Maple School.  It will conclude on Sunday night.
There will be multiple chambers of approximately 22 students in each, with semifinal and final sessions. NFL rules and time limits will apply; see the NFL website www.nflonline.org for further details.
Each school may enter a maximum of eighteen (18) Congressional debaters. The Glenbrooks tabroom staff will apportion the chambers and assign committees. Congressional debaters may not enter any other event.
Each school may submit a maximum of three (3) pieces of legislation, but no more than one (1) per committee (economics, public welfare, foreign policy). Legislation must be in the proper NFL format and emailed as an ATTACHED MICROSOFT WORD document to ttate@glenbrook225.org  by October 15th.
Please see the template for Congress legislation on the NFL website at: http://www.nflonline.org/CoachingResources.  Legislation is expected to be of sound quality and the tournament personnel reserve the right to exclude legislation that does not meet that standard.  Legislative packets will be posted on the website for each participating school to download by October 23rd.  Since the packets may be large, they cannot be faxed.
Congressional Debate competition will conclude on Sunday and will be held at the Glenbrook South High School campus.
We urge you to submit your IE entry as soon as possible since these are always the first to fill.
Six events are offered this year: Original Oratory, Dramatic Interpretation,
Humorous Interpretation, Prose/Poetry Reading, Mixed Extemporaneous Speaking, and Duo Interpretation. NFL rules and time limits will apply to all events except prose/poetry; NCFL rules will apply in this event. For more information on NFL rules, please refer to your Chapter Manuals or the NFL website (www.nflonline.org). For more information on NCFL rules, please refer to the NCFL website (www.ncfl.org).
Each school may enter a maximum of four (4) entrants in each category. Students may single or double enter, but each one counts as a separate entry for the purpose of assessing fees.   For 2014, it is a firm policy that students are not allowed to triple enter and schools will not be allowed a fifth entry.
Sweepstakes awards will be given in Individual Events.  All students who clear to elimination rounds for a school will be figured in to the sweepstakes calculations.
There will be four preliminary rounds breaking to quarterfinals. The IE portion of the tournament will be held at Attea Middle School and will conclude on Sunday evening.
Because the Glenbrooks prides itself on the quality of the competitors and adjudicators, judges provided by the individual schools must be qualified to judge a national circuit forensics competition. Only persons who have graduated high school may be judges in varsity and JV policy, varsity LD, IE, public forum, and congress divisions. High school varsity debaters may be used in novice policy. Judges must be designated for each division since the tournament will be held in multiple buildings. 
Phone Numbers
We ask that you enter the correct phone numbers for all of your judges. You will not be able to enter a judge into the tournament without providing their phone number.
All policy and LD debate judges are required to submit a philosophy to the judge philosophy wiki at http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/ by 5pm Central Time November 14thSchools that have judges who have not submitted their philosophies will not be allowed to submit a strike sheet.   This is a self-reporting system – it is your responsibility to make sure the philosophy is published.
All schools MUST be represented in each and every judging pool for which they have entries. For example, if a school only enters varsity policy debate, it must provide a judge to fill at least a half-time commitment in that division. If you enter varsity policy debate, Glenview State Bank JV LD, Congress, and IEs, you must have a representative in each of these pools.
If you feel that you have judges that are suited better for other pools than what you are obligated to fill, please contact Tara Tate at ttate@glenbrook225.org for possible arrangements to have judges in one pool covering your obligations in another.
Judging quotas are as follows:
Policy Debate – one (1) full-time judge for every two (2) teams
LD Debate – one (1) full-time judge for every three (3) debaters* ^
Congress – one (1) full-time judge for every seven (7) debaters or fraction thereof
Public Forum – one (1) full-time judge for every three (3) teams^
Individual Events – one (1) judge for every six (6) entries or fraction thereof
* LD judges must check both the junior varsity and varsity LD pairings for each round.  
    A school is responsible for paying the hired judge fee or may not be asked to return if  
    any of its judges miss a round for any reason, including failing to check both the varsity
    and the Glenview State Bank JV LD schematics.
^ In LD and PF, having one LDer or one PF team constitutes a half-time judging commitment of four (4)  rounds as well as an elimination round commitment as specified in the next paragraph. 
Three LD debaters or three PF teams will constitute a full-time judge commitment.
A half-time commitment in varsity policy and LD is four preliminary rounds and elimination round commitments. All debate judges are required to judge the first elimination round OR judge one round past the last elimination round in which their school participated (whichever comes last).
There is no half-time judging commitment in IE’s. 
Placing judges in elimination rounds becomes more difficult each year because judges leave once their school’s competitors are eliminated from the tournament without fulfilling their commitment to adjudicate one round beyond their school’s last outround. Directors are responsible to make sure that their school’s judges are available to fulfill their ENTIRE judging commitment, including making appropriately timed airplane reservations. We always try to release individuals as quickly as possible, but the tournament requires the highest quality judging pool possible even after any particular school is finished competing. Schools who have judges that do not meet their elimination round obligation may not be invited to return.

Before completing the registration forms, please review the specific entry limits in each division as well as the judging requirements and the hired judge policy to ensure that the forms are accurately filled in. Your entries will not be officially confirmed if there are any discrepancies with the rules and guidelines established in this invitation.

Do not forget that your students are not entered into the tournament until we have received your entry fee check.  A school will not be registered without payment in advance. Except for the penalties below, we will not collect fees at registration on Friday night. If you have illness or change in entries for any reason, fees can be refunded until 5 pm Central Time on October 24th ; no refunds are available after this date.


Please make all checks or money orders payable to “The Glenbrooks.” We will not accept purchase orders in lieu of a check or a money order for fees.

Send Checks to:

GBN Debate

Attn: Michael Greenstein

2300 Shermer Rd. 

Northbrook, IL 60062



The 2014 Glenbrooks fees are as follows:

Varsity Policy Debate -            $120 per two-person team

Varsity LD Debate -                 $60 per debater

JV Policy Debate -                  $110 per two-person team

Novice Policy Debate -           $100 per two-person team

Public Forum Debate -           $70 per two-person team

GSB JV LD Debate -               $55 per debater

Congressional Debate -         $50 per entry

Individual Events -                  $40 per entry

Duo Interpretation -                $80 per entry

Hired Judge Fee - $200 per half-time committed Policy or Public Forum team  OR per each uncovered Lincoln-Douglas debater.  Full judge fee of $400 to hire a judge for uncovered IE entries or Congress entries.

Drop Penalty (after 5 pm CT on Oct 24th) - Loss of original entry fee plus $10 per single event entry, i.e., LD, congress, or any IE except for Duo, or $20 for a double event entry, i.e., policy debate, public forum, and duo.  Please note that this is earlier than previous years.  In years past, we saw a massive amount of schools dropping entire entries on the last day.  It was impossible for schools on the waitlist to arrange reasonable transportation.

Late Name Penalty (after 5pm CT on Nov. 14th) - $100 per school

Judge Constraint Fee -- If you do not provide the correct information of which teams and/or specific contestants your judges cannot judge and we need to replace your judge as a result, we will charge you $40 per change.

Please direct any questions to Michael Greenstein at mgreenstein@glenbrook225.org or Sara Sanchez at ssanchez@glenbrook225.org or Tara Tate at ttate@glenbrook225.org.


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