2017 Shelley Novice Harvest Tournament
Dates: 10/20/2017 - 10/21/2017

Shelley Novice Harvest

570 W. Fir Shelley, Idaho  83402

(208) 357-7400


Marcy Curr



  YOU MAY DOUBLE ENTER IN SPEECH EVENTS  (only 1 may be a draw)

You may also DOUBLE ENTER in LD and Public Forum Debate!


September 23, 2016


Dear Debate Coaches:


You and your team are cordially invited to attend the Shelley Novice Harvest.  The tournament will take place on October 20 & 21 at Shelley High School in Shelley, Idaho. If you plan on students judging, please have your most mature and qualified varisty do so. Also, please only bring enough judges to cover your entry. Due to some unfortunate incidents last year, we are now required by the administration to have 1 adult (graduated, over 18) in each room to supervise. This is a great oppurtunity for new parents to experience the wonders of the debate world without actually having to judge. If you have anyone who is willing, please email their name and the time that they are willing to supervise to me. 


The tournament will feature Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Fourm Debate, Big Questions, and Congressional Debate.  We will also offer the following speech events: Extemp, Retold Story, Radio, Informative, HI, DI, Duo, OO, OA, and Impromptu. We will follow the standing Idaho Debate Code. 


The legislation for the congress tournament will be the September/October 2017 Practice packet which may be found on the NFL website: https://www.speechanddebate.org/congress-legislation/


Original legislation may be submitted and You are responsible to print out your schools legislation packets. No legislation packets will be printed by the tournament!


Students may enter in two (2) speech events and two (2) debate events [Policy and Congress excluded]. 


The registration deadline is 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 18, 2017. Entries are unlimited but you must divide your school into teams that meet the event limits. Expect those two "teams" to be required to compete against one another. Both "Teams" are eligible for sweeps. Entries must be entered on Joy of Tournaments.


Please do not assume you are in the tournament until you have confirmed by the Joy of Tournaments website. Tournament management will be on computer with Joy of Tournaments.


We encourage you to bring everyone you can, our philosophy is: It is better to debate in a hall than to watch in a classroom. We look forward to seeing you and your students on October 20 & 22.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. Accordingly, we have decided to allow double entry in Speech Events. The usual restrictions apply: no double entry in (two) draw events;  those double entered who are entered in a (one) draw event as well as another speech event must compete in the draw event first in each round.


Sweepstakes: Points will be tallied from all events for overall sweepstakes awards. Extra entries do not count towards sweeps.


Judges: Each school must provide one (1) judge for every two (2) policy teams or portion thereof, one (1) judge for every four Lincoln-Douglas, Big Questions AND Public Forum debate entry (ies), or portion thereof, one (1) judge for every five (5) congress or portion thereof, One (1) judge for every five (5) speech entries or portion thereof. Please enter student judges in joy!


Oral Critique Policy: We will allow a 3 minute oral critique from Varsity. Anything they say in their critique must also be mentioned on their ballots. Varsity love to talk...tell them to NOT go over their time or we will eliminate the opportunity for them to speak!


Drops and changes: you (the coach) have complete freedom to drop and change up until the deadline of Wednesday @ 4:00. After that a penalty fee of $25.00 is incurred until Friday morning @ 8:00 when the penalty fee will changed to $50.00.


Parking: School buses may drop students at the north east doors near the commons. The buses must then immediately proceed to park in the back of the south parking lot. Local students who drive their own vehicles must also park in the back of the south parking lot. On Saturday, buses and students vehicles may park in any parking lot.


Concessions: We will work with the local Domino's to order pizza as a group for lunch on Saturday. There will aslo be concessions offered.


Miscellaneous: Students are to gather in the commons until school is excused and postings go up. The students should remain in the commons between rounds. All students are expected to show respect towards the custodial staff who will be assisting with the tournament. No food or drink is permitted in rooms (except water). No debater may enter a room prior to the assigned judge or they will be dropped.







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