2018 District 3 Speech @ Mountain Home
Dates: 4/7/2018

 The Coaches of District 3 Welcome You and Your Team to the

The 2018 District III Speech Tournament

The event will be held at Mt. Home High School on Saturday, April 7, 2018.  Please have your entries posted on Joy of Tournaments by Wednesday, April 4th, by 4:00 p.m. with a drop deadline of Thursday, April 5th at 4:00 pm.  Bring the hard copy of your entry to the tournament on Saturday, as well as your principal verification form.  Please hand these in along with speech manuscripts copies when you register.  No schools will be allowed to compete without handing in a signed principal verification form and scripts.  

Copies of all prepared speeches (OO, ADS, Sales, Informative, OA) and interps (DI, HI, DUO, POI) must be in the tab room prior to the first round of district speech.  Please bring your speeches in a folder or manila envelope, marked with your school name.  The manuscripts will be delivered to the State tournament and you can pick them up again when you pick up ballots at State.  If there is a dispute regarding a speech and a copy of that speech is not in the tab room, your student will be disqualified.  If your student qualifies for State and we don't have a copy of their speech in the tab room, they will be disqualified. 

Extemp:   All extemp questions will be taken from the January, February, and March extemp lists sent out by the IHSAA.

Judges.  Please be sure that your judges are familiar with the rules.  If necessary print a copy from this site for them.   Please make sure that your judges have a timer as it is important if a student goes over time that the judge take this into consideration when rendering a decision.  Judges should also know which events require time signals.   If you have a large entry, please be sure to bringclean judges.  If you have a full entry and your judges are not totally clean we will not be able to use your judges.  Remember that this is not a typical invitational that has a pool of judges to cover if you run short.  All schools are responsible for covering their entry.  If you are short try contacting one of the local college Forensic teams to see if their students might be available to help you out.  Many of these teams require their students to provide community service to local teams, you might be able to get them to volunteer.    

To determine the number of judges you will need to provide to cover your teams:

           Add the number of entries you have in Pattern A events; then

           Add the number of entries you have in Pattern B events; then

           Take the larger of the two numbers and divide by 6. 

           This is the number of judges you must provide to cover your teams. 

Fees:  Since this is district speech there are not the normal entry fees.  Each team will receive a billing after the tournament to cover the cost of the judges lounge and joy of tournaments.  Please pay this promptly to Mt. Home when you receive it.

 All paperwork can be found on the IHSAA website at  www.idhsaa.org/activities/speech.aspx 



































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