2017 District III Drama Competition
Dates: 11/18/2017

2017 District III Drama Tournament

Nampa High School

November 18, 2017


Site:                            Nampa High School, 203 Lake Lowel Ave, Nampa, Idaho 

Host:                           Joseph Bidwell, Nampa High School

Manager:                   Taunya Page, Mountain Home High School




Welcome to the 2017 District III Drama Tournament.  This event is the culmination of many long hours of preparation.  You and your students are to be commended for your efforts and accomplishments.  We hope that this year's tournament is a positive and educational experience for everyone.   



Many thanks to those who are working to ensure this tournament is a positive experience for actors, coaches and judges:   Host-Joseph Bidwell, Nampa High School;  Manager-Taunya Page, Mountain Home High School; Tab room personnel--Glynis Calhoun, Paul Archibeque, Tracy Fuller,  Tracy Harrison, Erin Davidson; and IHSAA Assistant Director, Julie Hammons.


A special note of appreciation goes also to tournament judges for sharing their time and expertise in this most important link of the educational experience of our students.






PLEASE treat this beautiful building and grounds with respect.  It is very important that we leave the school clean and undamaged.  Leave rooms in original condition - do not move furniture from room to room.  Place trash in the proper receptacles.   Be responsible for personal items.   Coaches: Please supervise your students as closely as possible.



FEES:  $12.00 per entry

Schools may enter 8 technical entries (any combination--not to exceed 4 per event) and 4 acting entries per event.  Students can enter 3 events total (2 acting, 1 tech or 2 tech and 1 acting). Students may not enter the same event more than once. 


The deadline for registraton is Friday, November 10th at 4pm and the deadline for drops is Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 4:00 pm.  The $12.00 fee will be assessed for all drops after the 14th at 4:00 pm.

JUDGES:  1 judge per 10 entries


Nampa High Building Information:

Busses: All contestants will be housed in the Cafeteria (700). This space is easily accessed from the bus unloading area on the north side of campus off Lake Lowell.  All busses should park in the South parking lot off of 12th. Please make sure your students are supervised and encourage them to keep the building and rooms clean and damage-free.

Tech Entries: Tech entries will probably want to unload in the south parking lot at the 500 Building (double door entries). There will be someone there to greet contestants. You will be directed to the location of each particular Technical Event.

Registration: Located  in front of the library (600 downstairs). The Library will be the location for the tab room. Please only have your coach or judges go up to registration.

Food: There will be breakfast and lunch concessions for students available that day. Judges will be provided with lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Welcoming announcements in the morning and the awards ceremony at the end of the day will take place in the Gym (800)


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